Sports Center Germans Escalas

Sports: swimming, fencing, G.A.P ( toning your butt, abs and legs)...


Street  de Sebastià Arrom, 4

Palma 07008 (Illes Balears)

ZoneRafal Vell

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Dades de contacte

Telephone: 971 47 21 11



The opening hours of the sports centre are:

Monday to Friday: From 8:00 hrs until 22:30 hrs
Saturdays: From 8:00 hrs until 22:00 hrs
Sundays: From 8:00 hrs until 15:00 hrs
**The sports facilities will close half an hour before the closing of the actual sports centre in order to give users time to have a shower.

Office opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: From 8:00 hrs until 14:30 hrs
Fridays: From 8:00 hrs until 13.30 hrs


Date of last modification: 18 of October 2016