The Municipal Sports Institute invites all members, users and citizens of Palma as well as the entire IME staff to actively participate in this website, which seeks to inform about all the activities organised within our sports premises.
The possibilities offered to us by the new communication technologies give us the opportunity to establish additional channels of communication seeking to foster participation and, especially, the exchange of information between the Administration and citizens, which constitutes our main focus of attention.

In this sense, we hereby offer all citizens of Palma detailed information related to the IME and its sports facilities in order to ensure a direct and efficient information flow. Besides, the website aims to bring the IME and sport closer to Palma's citizens, thereby avoiding a significant number of bureaucratic and administrative paperwork. 

We hope that everyone visiting the website will easily find all that s/he is looking for and that you will be able to use this website as a source of information of all services and sports provided by the IME. Please feel free to provide us with any new ideas and concepts you may have, as your suggestions will contribute to improving the services provided by the IME to all citizens of Palma.

Date of last modification: 29 of April 2020